Kölner Sommerschule für Philosophie 2017 mit Earl Conee und Richard Feldman

Practical Information! The registration on Monday will start at 2pm at the “Seminargebäude” (seminar building). There is only one big conference room on the groundfloor, so it will be easy to find.  There will also be sign posts all the way from the “Albertus-Magnus-Platz”.

The talks on Monday and Wednesday will all take place in the conference room of the “Seminargebäude” and the talks on Thursday and Friday will all take place in the “Hauptgebäude” (main building), Lecture Hall 12 (Hörsaal XII).


The 12th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSiP) on

“Advantages of Evidentialism”Cssip2017

will take place in Cologne, October 2 through October 6, 2017. Our special guests will be Earl Conee and Richard Feldman (University of Rochester). Over the last few decades, Conee and Feldman have shaped and defended one of the most seminal and intriguing internalist views in epistemology – a view that puts mental evidence center stage. The Summer School will focus on the following themes in particular:

  • What is Evidentialism?
  • Evidentialism and its Rivals
  • Disagreement and Higher Order Evidence
  • Skepticism and Evidentialism
  • Epistemically Responsible Belief

The Summer School mainly aims at professional philosophers and graduate students.

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