The 10th Cologne Summer School – Imagining, Knowing, Doing

The 10th Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSiP) will take place in Cologne, from September 28 to Oktober 02, 2015. Our special guest this year will be Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford, United Kingdom). Williamson is widely regarded as one of the greatest living philosophers. Over the last few decades, he has massively reshaped central parts of philosophy in general and epistemology in particular. Williamson defends a number of strikingly unorthodox ideas: that knowledge plays a fundamental role in epistemology and action (i.e., knowledge-first epistemology), that thought-experimentation and other armchair methods are not based on rational intuition or conceptual competence but on our empirically shaped imagination, or that justification and epistemic norms must be understood in a radically externalist way. The Summer School will focus on these and other Williamsonian themes in epistemology.

About the Cologne Summer School in Philosophy (CSSiP) since 2006 at the University of Cologne

The goal of the Cologne Summer School is to provide an opportunity for highly motivated students and researchers to exchange their ideas about fundamental philosophical issues in close contact with an internationally renowned philosopher. Philosophical work across borders and disciplines is welcomed. This is reflected by the participation of students from all over the world and from different fields of research. In past years the Kölner Gymnasial- und Stiftungsfonds has generously supported the Summer School which has repeatedly received positive responses from the media.